Midlife Makeover Online

A nine week program leading you step by step through a
transformational midlife makeover process,
recreating your life with passion and purpose and
manifesting what matters.


Let Lorraine guide you through an enlivening process for recreating your life from the inside out. Discover tools and techniques to reveal your unique purpose. Learn a creative approach for finding your own destiny.

Take this journey with Lorraine Blackley, founder of Creative Adventures Coaching, author of, “Creative Adventures in Manifesting Reality”, publisher of the online, “Follow Your Heart Magazine” and now  creator of Midlife Makeover Online.

Lorraine will provide support for you to discover who you truly are, what your direction is, and how you can revitalize your life.

For 30 years Lorraine has been a teacher in the field of human potential and possibility, recreating herself many times and supporting more than a thousand others to not only do the same, but to realize their fullest potential. She will lead you through a deeply transformational and practical midlife turnaround.

Why is it so difficult to be true to who you are and to do what you love?


Nothing in our social conditioning, education or media exposure encourages us to make following our hearts a primary choice. We learn how to “do” life rather than allow it to emerge through and out of us.

We are taught that if we get a better job, house, partner, take that wonderful holiday, buy that new car, we will solve our problems. This is entirely the wrong focus.

We are also taught just to look at what we call good, those things we like about ourselves and are proud of.  Without acknowledging the shadow aspects of our functioning we never find what we truly want.

While we are earning a living, paying the bills, meeting our responsibilities and trying to get ahead, the option to follow our heart seems light-weight, irresponsible and unrealistic.

We get trapped in our life and don’t know how to change or escape.

Essentially, we are afraid to make change, fearing we will slip financially, lose a relationship, be unable to support the family, end up homeless, be judged or whatever our greatest fear is.

Imagine what life can be like, living with a deeper connection to the essence of you. Imagine letting your heart sing and your soul dance…

Imagine what life can be like if you are:

  • Confident about who you are.
  • Aware of your talents and abilities.
  • Living, loving and working in alignment with your values, dreams and desires.
  • Connected to an inner wellspring of energy, enthusiasm and joy.
  • Finding ease, flow and supportive relationships to be the norm in your ever evolving life.

You may have experienced life in this way at times, but found holding onto it elusive. This is an experience so many of us have had.


You are not alone if you feel there is meant to be more to your life.

It is never too late. No matter how you feel right now it is possible for life, love and livelihood to be on your terms. It is time to play with new rules. Instead of constructing your life with external goal posts and following the rules of others, it is time to recreate your life, allowing it to unfold, aligned with your innermost calling and with what feels intuitively right.

Would you like to enliven your life from the inside out and live by design rather than default?

Would you like to:

  • Live with clarity, knowing who you truly are and what you deeply desire?
  • Create heart-aligned goals and intentions?
  • Reclaim the joy of living, the excitement of possibilities and the motivation to make things happen?
  • Have more confidence, more courage and more ability to take a stand?
  • Learn to identify changes you want and how to start making them happen?
  • Recognize patterns that sabotage your efforts and learn how to go beyond them?
  • Access a greater intelligence and capacity within?
  • Update your life’s narrative to something authentic and true to your unique path of purpose and possibility?
  • Learn how to live into your potential
  • Learn how to bring that potential into form with grace and ease?

Dear Friend, my name is Lorraine Blackley and I want to show you how you can identify gifts and talents you never believed you had.

How you can create a heart-aligned future and start bringing that ideal into form, how you can move beyond the blocks that have held you back in the past, and how you can find or reclaim your enthusiasm for life.


I too have been in places where I have:

  • Struggled with loss of energy, despondency and lack of motivation.
  • Had trouble knowing what I really wanted.
  • Known what I wanted but have come up against too many obstacles and barriers.
  • Found myself going around in the same circles, never gaining the traction needed, to lead to a more fulfilling life.
  • Felt as though there was no way forward or out of my rut.
Over the past 30 years I have worked with so many people facing similar issues. I understand clearly what is required to enliven and recreate your life. I understand transitioning from one situation to another. I know it is in these times when one needs support, encouragement and a roadmap to follow. For these reasons I have created this Midlife Makeover Program.

Now you can join an affordable online program to identify your desired future and develop the skills and understanding to make it happen.

Being part of the Midlife Makeover Online community will provide:

  • Support over time to ensure new habits and changes are well established and lasting.
  • The ability to revisit aspects of the learning program and seek ongoing support, from both mentors and other participants.
  • A step by step formula for bringing your life into alignment with your deepest desires.
  • Modules to work through to guide the process.
  • An environment in which you can share ideas and find more courage to follow through.
  • Camaraderie, connection and a community of others facing similar issues.
  • The opportunity to harness the learning power and idea generation of the group, learning through the insight and questions of others.

Knowing what to do is not enough. Ninety-seven percent of people doing it alone will not make the changes they want. You can end the cycle of desiring change, yet failing to follow through.

Midlife Makeover Online – A step by step program guiding you through a transformational process of aligning your passion, purpose and heart’s desires.

Midlife Makeover Online also takes you into the shadow territory of your functioning where you can take an honest look at how you are unwittingly sabotaging your best efforts.  This is the territory we prefer not to face, but it is also the only place where you will find what you truly seek.

The complete program comprises of nine weekly sessions divided into three stages. Each week a package is released to you.


A 30 minute audio talk on the subject and work of the week with Lorraine Blackley. Each week Lorraine will lead you through the factors to consider when aligning and living up to your true potential. Each talk and each subject supports you recreating your life from the inside out, in both a transformational and practical step by step way.
PDF transcripts of each weekly talk. PDF transcripts enable you to go back over the teachings and to quickly refer to key concepts and learning. Revisiting the transcript will assist you to step more fully into your Midlife Makeover process.
A workbook with exercises for the week. The learning in this program is experiential and made by you taking action and getting involved in a practical way. This is not about you learning how to make change but actually making change, through doing the exercises. The workbook will lead you through this practical engagement process.

An opportunity to attend a weekly, 1 hour, live Q & A and sharing session. Have your questions answered personally by Lorraine. People often report these sessions as being the best part of the program. The schedule for the live sessions will be sent out prior to commencement.
Reflective Conversations both in a members forum and with Lorraine to keep your process moving. Share your learning and ah ha insights. Find an accountability buddy. The opportunity to discuss and share your learning journey provides vital insights.

Next intake beginning 1st March 2017.

Your package and links arrive on Friday and the live call each week is Wednesday at 7.30pm local New Zealand time.

First call Wednesday the 8th of March.


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the deeper pull of what you really love.” Rumi

Learn how to:

  • Discover the many facets of your ability and intelligence.
  • Acknowledge the unique talented being you are and build a stronger relationship with this part of yourself.
  • Read and acknowledge your hearts desires and soul’s purpose.
  • By-pass the conscious mind to reveal your true aspirations.
  • Understand the patterns and themes running through your life.
  • Map your unique purpose blueprint, revealing your true nature and potential
  • Ignite your inner desires, imagination and creativity.
  • Look into the past to find clues for creating the future you want.
  • Write a creation statement to provide clarity of direction
  • Activate a process for creating your life by your design.


Waiting until the path is clear never happens. You have to clear it.  You do this by making friends with your shadow.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize and defuse your subconscious sabotage patterns.
  • Find the gifts that support and enable you in the things that block your path.
  • Support yourself to go beyond your barriers and keep going when odds are against you.
  • Shift your default setting from habitual and restrictive patterns to new and enabling ones.
  • Reclaim your energy from the places, people and events where it has been caught.
  • Free yourself from the past.
  • Clear outdated beliefs.
  • Dismantle outer obstacles by shifting your inner perception.
  • Find inspiration in universal and archetypal metaphors to navigate the obstacles in your life.
  • Recognize the illusion of fear.


“Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions.” Einstein

Learn how to:

  • Become the predominant creative force in your own life.
  • Imagine a vision for your desired future which is aligned with your heart’s desire for life, love and livelihood.
  • Write a new and empowering story to take you into your future.
  • Identify goals that motivate and excite you.
  • Awaken to the powerful creator within.
  • Have creation and life respond positively to you.
  • Get into action and begin making your vision for life a reality.
  • Achieve your goals at the same time as you remain fluid and flexible to ever emerging possibility.
  • Dance with circumstance and allow miracles, chance encounters and synchronicity to be the norm.


Join now. Nine weeks at a cost of $440.

There is no better time to say YES than now. There is never a good reason for delaying. Chances are you have been in this bind for a while, facing the same concerns over and over. It doesn’t have to be that way.

However if you are not sure if this is the right thing for you at this point in time you can email Lorraine on info@midlifemakeoveronline.com to request a short skype or telephone conversation.  We will focus on  seeing there is a match between your situation, what you want and what the program offers.

Your heart knows, so if you are sure, be daring and buy now before your mind talks you out of it.  There is nothing to loose and everything to gain.




$220 + $220

Two payment option
The nine week course for 2 monthly payments of $220


Why act now?

For one thing, life is too precious to waste one more moment ‘doing time’, instead of living into your fullness.

Secondly, Midlife changes happen over time, so best get started now.

But mostly, if there are things that are truly important to you and yet are still elusive, I can say with certainty the focus and intention that occurs through taking this kind of journey, opens energetic pathways to your hopes and dreams. Add the power of the collective and miraculously the people, things and experiences you deeply desire, show up.

It is common for course participants to say, “you know how I talked about . . . . . . well it happened!”

That is not a promise nor guarantee that it will happen for you, as I have yet to meet you and learn your behaviour, habits and beliefs. However it has happened so consistently for the majority of people doing the program, I feel confident in saying the Midlife Makeover Online course will activate something magnetic in you, if you engage in it wholeheartedly.

There is no better time to act than now.

Here is what past participants have said:

“I would absolutely and completely recommend this program to anyone, on any walk of life who has a Heart beat!!!! Midlife Makeover allows a level of personal honesty to overtake the distractions we so often call life! This is a program about alignment to your true nature and purpose… You deserve it.” Jenni

“I did the Midlife Makeover program and I was really amazed at how it gave valuable insight into my life patterns, and how it helped me to focus on finding my true purpose and direction through doing the workbooks, and listening to the audio tracks.The skype group sessions were also fun and supportive; everyone was so lovely and encouraging, that we all insisted on meeting as a group in person! I loved feeling like we were together in this journey of discovering our authentic selves. Thanks Lorraine for developing such a fantastic and engaging program.” Janina

“It is a while since I did the Midlife Makeover work. I wanted to let you know the growth curve at my end continues to go upwards in every way: business, lifestyle, love and money.” Debra

“I was really impressed with the structure and content of the program. I enjoyed the down to earth mixture of spiritual (if that can be down to earth?) and practical emphasizing the importance of action. A series of complex subjects woven together to make an impression at a deeper than intellectual level. It was a valuable and memorable experience that will have a long term impact upon the development of my business and personal growth.” Edward

“Midlife Makeover was very straight forward, immensely practical and immediate in its effect. The insight gained has given me real confidence.” Marshall

“Within the first stage I had distilled my career/life purpose into one succinct and inspiring sentence – something I’d been trying to do for 20 years! Since Midlife Makeover, things seem less of a struggle, more dynamic and – best of all – more financially prosperous!” Philip

“I have found it to be an all-encompassing experience that engaged me 24/7. I am now able to see my life more honestly and clearly. I am going forth with projects, desires and relationships more effectively and with more awareness. I feel I am becoming ME.” Meiling

“Steps I took to change my situation through Midlife Makeover have made a difference. Thank you Lorraine for your gift of guidance that I truly believe you have and your sincerity and professionalism as my mentor.” Lynn





$220 + $220

Two payment option
The nine week course for 2 monthly payments of $220


Hope to meet you inside the program. Bye for now.
Lorraine Blackley

Please note: This program is intended for educational purposes only and is not rendering any medical, psychological, financial, legal or any other professional advice. Any personal actions taken based on insight and learning gained from participating in the program is taken at the sole discretion and responsibility of the participant.